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Port Handling

Handling of cargo properly and efficiently on its arrival at Ports is a skill and experience task. Also this is a very time sensitive issue and companies may have to pay heavy charges if cargo on the Ports is not handled correctly and on time.
We at Snelar have a strong footprint at a large amount of bulk ports around the globe where we offer personalized port handling services that includes planning, port feasibility studies, conceptual design of port and other maritime transport projects, trade and traffic forecasts, financing strategies etc.,
Our team of skilled experts are committed to resolve the problems professionally if arises in extra ordinary circumstances.

Bulk Break Cargo Shipments

Snelar consists of a team of highly experts who are well versed in all the aspects of global breakbulk cargo by bringing you the first class project cargo management whether you a requirement for heavy lift cargo or for oversized cargo.
We have close relationship with leading ship owners, operators, and co-brokers throughout the globe and are able to best possible space in vessels while dramatically reducing costs while providing reliable cargo transportation.

Break Bulk Shipment Key Features